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Trinxat, the ideal traditional recipe for Valentine's Day

Today is February 14 and that means... Happy Valentine's Day!

From Lloguer Cerdanya we bring you a traditional recipe with which you can impress your partner on a day as special as this. It is the Trinxat of the Cerdanya. one of the most typical dishes of the Pyrenean cuisine..

This recipe is by Marc Mallasén Vancells, chef at the Hotel Seventy Barcelona

Ingredientes (para 2 personas)

  • ½ kg of cabbage

  • ½ kg of sour potato

  • 2 cloves of garlic

  • 150 g spring onion

  • 150 g black pudding

  • 150 g of bacon with pepper

  • For the garnish (optional)

  • Fried bacon

  • Pumpkin dice

  • Broccoli trees

  • Brussels sprout leaves


  1. Cook the cabbage in a saucepan with boiling water for 15 minutes. The proportion of potato and cabbage must always be the same in a "trinxat"

  2. While the cabbage is cooking, take the opportunity to make the sauce. In a frying pan with oil, put the onion until it is well cooked. Then add the finely chopped garlic cloves.

  3. Add the diced bacon with pepper and the black pudding to the sauce. Stir and let it crumble little by little.

  4. Once the cabbage has cooked for 15 minutes, add the diced potato. Cook for 10-12 minutes.

  5. After these minutes, you have to drain and add salt and pepper.

  6. Carve and mash everything with the help of a fork.

  7. Add the sofrito.

  8. Stir with a fork so that all the ingredients are well mixed.

  9. Put a frying pan with oil on the fire.

  10. Add the mixture (as if it were a potato omelette) when the oil is very hot. The intention is to get a "crust", and to brown the mixture.

  11. Turn it over as if it were a potato omelette. The color of the carving should be "brown".

  12. Plate half on a plate. And in the other half add pumpkin cubes, broccoli, fried bacon and Brussels sprout leaves.

Bon Appétit!

Do not forget to share your result with us on the social networks of Lloguer Cerdanya, with the hashtag #cocinaconlloguercerdanya. We want to see how it turned out! 😊

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